Thursday, 19 December 2013

How does CDC affect me?

I get this question quite a bit with new families and my new boss at the YMCA asked me “How does CDC affect you?”
How does CDC affect me is that I have a slight intellectual disability, my speech at the age of 29 I can’t say some words properly but most of my family and close friends can understand me in what I am trying to say.  My concentration I can only concentrate for certain amounts of time before I need a break to do something else even though I can read a whole entire book in just a day without any breaks but I have taught myself how to concentrate for that amount of time. My balance and my hip dysplasia which means when I walk my right hip turn inwards and I walk with a limp, my left hip sometimes occasionally turn inwards also.  I don’t like social situations because of sensory overdrive. What is sensory overdrive is when a lot of things are happening all at once all around me and my brain can’t keep up with my senses which are all going into overdrive because they can’t work out what is happening and it makes me really tried the next day and it usually takes me couple of days to recover.  I also don’t like loud noises because I am really sensitive and don’t really like really high pitched sounds like the singing bowls that we have at Trade Aid I just cover my ears and go out of the shop to get away from the sound. 
Apart from those things I can live independently, cook for myself, look after Fanta (kitten), have an amazing boyfriend and help the CDC community to understand a lot more about CDC.

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