Monday, 20 January 2014

My tulips/my milestones

I am a success story.  How I mean about that is that I see the tulips growing in Holland and I decide to pick them one at a time.  Most of you would have read the poem “Welcome to Holland” it is a poem about a different journey through life.  The tulips that I am picking represent the goals and the milestones that I have achieved over the years like learning how to talk, learning how to be empathic to those around me especially to my CDC families, learning how to tie my shoelaces, riding my bike, jumping on the trampoline with a skipping rope (tripping over the skipping rope and breaking my arm on the concrete below and then going up to my Mum and say that my arm is broken, my Mum didn’t believe me but my Dad did.) Joining girl guides and worked my way up to become a troop leader.  Starting high school, playing at the beach house with sit down swing ball (an invented game of mine.) Been a big sister to my brother and sister and stepsisters and stepbrothers. Graduating high school and getting my teacher aide’s certificate.  Moving out of home and living with two of my best friends before moving into my own house with my own space. Plus having a wonderful and an amazing boyfriend of six years. Meet my first ever CDC family when I was 15.  Speaking at the Australian conference last year which was amazing. Traveling to Australia on my own for the first time by myself. There are some dying tulips that I don’t pick because they aren’t very good milestones to achieve like drawing on Mum’s white duvet with her red lipstick when I was three/four, eating the chocolate buttons off my Nana’s birthday cake (Her 60th birthday cake in Scotland.  Sorry Nana but they tasted so yum and I couldn’t wait for the birthday cake.)  Trying to poison myself and my younger brother while also in Scotland, I was only 7 at the time.  I wanted the fluoride container that the fluoride tablets were in and so while my Dad was doing something else at the other the other end of the house, I climbed up onto the bathroom vanity found the fluoride tablets and then climbed back down as I was climbing back down the container dropped onto the bathroom floor and cracked open and all the tablets came flying out onto the bathroom floor and Dad came rushing in to see what the matter was and I don’t think I got the container in the end, after all of that effort.
My tulips are sitting on my kitchen bench looking pretty in the sunlight.  I will add more tulips to the bunch as my life continues some dying but some lasting a lifetime.


  1. You are very brave. I send my prayers to you

    1. Are you a family member with someone who has Cri Du Chat?

  2. I like the was you are describing your life. This is giving so much hope to us. I have a daughter with CDC, she is five months old. Greetings from Germany.

  3. Hi do you have Facebook my name is Rachel Jane Dempsey if you want you can add me and I can tell you more about Cri Du Chat.