Friday, 6 December 2013

Sensory Overdrive part 2

Yes I do I get sensory overdrive even though I love to touch textures with my fingertips, a little bit of sensory for me is good but not a whole lot at once. I go into Trade Aid almost every single day and in one of the display boxes are the rings with rice all around them and if I am having one of those days that I am not getting enough sensory I just play with the rice because the rice has an effect on me like people on drugs.  I seek out sensory by running my fingertips along shop windows because it has a calming effect on me and I know that a lot of people stare at me while I am running my fingertips across the shop windows but I don’t care because they don’t understand.  I went and saw my first movie in a while couple of weekends ago the Hungry games “Catching Fire” I didn’t really enjoy it because my sensory overdrive kicked in because there was too much happening at once on the screen and afterwards I felt like terrible.  Then last Friday my Mum had dinner around at her house to celebrate her birthday and when people started to arrive I disappeared into the living room to watch tv and then later on I played on her computer in her study.  Sensory overdrive is something that I can’t grow out of and I know how to manage so I get the right amount of sensory every single day.

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