Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today and last night I put onto my Ipod what seemed like a hundred songs, I had been listening to the radio since Dad had been away trying to come up with new songs to stick onto my Ipod.  Music is really important in my life, because it helps me to focus on what I am doing in the mornings like getting changed and having breakfast.  When I go walking I take my Ipod with me to block out the sounds of the cars on the road because of the noise that the cars make when they are driving past.  I know all my songs on my Ipod and I have currently 303 songs on my Ipod.  I sing along to all the songs because it is great speech therpy for me since CDC affects my speech.   Some of my favourite songs and bands are American Pie by Don McLean (I know all the words to American Pie.)  Dad played American Pie over and over again once on a road trip that my family and I took to the South Island.  Another favourite song is As long as you love me by the Backstreet Boys (Still one of my favourite bands.)  I have a lot of backstreet boys on my Ipod.  Another favourite song of mine is called I love the way you love me by Boyzone (Another one of my favourite bands).  Last Friday night by Katy Perry (I love the lyrics to Last Friday night.) There are so many favourite songs that I love from Lonestar.  One of my favourite songs from the band Lifehouse is It is What it is (I heard it from one of the episodes from Vampire Dairies.) I also like One Direction.  I really love P!nk grew up listening to her songs I don’t have a favourite song from her because all her songs are really cool.   I grew up listening to Savage Garden and once when we were dectoring the Christmas tree Dad turned up to the Moon and Back really loud that the floor actually shook.  I am also into Taylor Swift and love her songs also (don’t have a favourite from her either).  One of my other favourite bands is Westlife and I love all of their songs as well.  
There is one thing in this world that I love most (apart from Bryan) is MUSIC and I have my own Ipod touch where I can download music all by myself without any help from my parents and I can live in my own world when I am out walking.

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