Sunday, 6 October 2013

Curbs vs Me

I tripped and fell over on Saturday morning grazing my knee and both of my hands.  I wasn’t texting at the time and I was paying attention to what I was doing.  One minute I was walking along and the next minute I knew that I was on the ground.  I got up every shakily off the ground and regrouped myself before painfully limping down to the town square because I knew that my boss and friend Cricket would be there for our town’s Festival of Cultures and she was running the Trade Aid Stall.  When I got to her stall I almost burst into tears and she took a look at my hands and told me to come with her and so I did.  She hunted for a first aid kit at the Festival but couldn’t find one and the shop was about 300 metres down the road so we went back and Cricket fixed me up the best that she could.  I texted Bryan first to let him know what happened and then I texted my Dad to come and pick me up.  He did and took me back up to his house so he could patch up my knee and I rested at his house for awhile and then he took me to feed Beanie.  Since this is the last week of feeding Beanie and I am hurt.  One of my Mum’s best friend’s Mum’s is going to do it for me since I can’t walk fast.  Eighteen months ago I was walking to KFC one Friday night and I tripped and fell on a curb that time I badly hurt my arm.   I know that I am unstable on my feet sometimes.

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