Monday, 28 October 2013


13.1 is just a number to anyone who looks at it but for me it just more than a number.  13.1 is the size of my deletion.  I only found about the size of my deletion this year in March.  That is 80% of chromosome missing but being a mosaic only 30% of my blood are affected, I have no idea about the rest of my body cells and which is fine with me.  I have always wanted to know about the size of my deletion.  Even though I am mild CDC still does affect me like my speech, the way that I walk and sensory overload (for those people who are going to the conference next year please be aware at the banquet on the Saturday night I might be playing on my gameboy or my ipod because I need some time out because my sensory overdrive will be working overtime.)  I still need help in doing certain areas in my life and I celebrate every mildstone that I achieve it maybe different from my CDC brothers and sisters but it is still a mildstone to me in my life.  I want to change people’s minds about what CDC children/teens/adults can do and what they CAN’T do.  Even though I have a large deletion but only 30% of my blood cells have the wonky choromsome.  13.1 is just a number to me it doesn’t change anything about me.

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