Tuesday, 22 October 2013

To all the new CDC parents

Hi to all the new parents who were given the diagnose of Cri Du Chat or Cry of the Cat or 5P- or CDC for short.  Welcome to this wonderful journey of self discovery through your child’s eyes.  Your child will amaze you with what they can achieve within their own limits.  They will prove the doctors wrong with what they know.  Sure having a CDC child can be very rewarding and also a lot of hard work.   You will get to meet other parents all around the world because we are one big happy family and form lifelong friendships that will last forever.  I know our syndrome means failure to thrive but we set out to prove everyone wrong in the things that we can do and achieve to the best of our abilities.  You can’t compare one CDC child to another because it isn’t fair on the children and just like regular children we grow at our own different rates and our own pace.  We are individuals no matter what our deletion size maybe.  And then there is me, I will be your friend for life because I am here for you and your child and I am one of the voices for children who can’t speak for themselves.  I wish them a happy birthday on their birthday because I believe every one of my CDC brothers and sisters are special no matter their skin colour, their deletion size or their age.  I will be there for you as a friend, someone who can give advice, not judge you and be empathic because I know what it is like to be alone where the world doesn’t know who you are.  I am here for you and I want to help as many families that I can because I want to help you understand what CDC is all about and how it can affect your life in so many ways.  Welcome to our ever growing family.  My heart to your heart.

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