Saturday, 21 September 2013

Walking 2

All I want to do is walk normally without getting stared at or teased about the way that I am walking.  I know that I can’t walk that fast while walking up hills or going down hills because it takes all of my concentration not to fall down onto the concrete and hurt myself.  On the flat I can go fast because the ground isn’t uneven and it is flat.  I find it really hard to sit down or stand up really quickly because I might lose my balance and fall over.   On Tuesday morning I was sitting down and dusting like I do every Tuesday morning and one of the volunteers hissed at me to move because I was in the way of a customer.  I can’t help it if I can’t move quickly,  when I mentioned it to my boss how to get me out of the way quickly she suggested a skateboard that I could sit on and dust until a customer wants to get past all I would have to do is get Cricket to push me out of the way.   School holidays are coming up for those people who have no idea about school holidays.  Our school year is divided up into four terms which is made up of ten weeks and then we get a two week break for each term apart from the last and first terms of the school year which we get a six week break in between the new school year and the last school year.  I really don’t like school holidays because there are teenagers in town and I will quite often get laughed at about the way that I walk so I try and avoid going into town, I only go in if I need something from the supermarket or need to go for a walk.  Last school holidays I was walking from town up the library steps and I got laughed at by some teenage girls because I have to twist my right leg to go up the steps and it isn’t fun at all because to me it is work getting myself up the library steps so I can go home.   

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