Sunday, 15 September 2013

My gameboy and games

I am 28 and I have a gameboy.  I admit it I have a gameboy or a Nintendo DS3 and it is light blue and I have a case for it somewhere and it is blue also.  My Nintendo DS3 goes everywhere with me because if I am somewhere crowded I will pull it out and play on it because it helps me focus and if I am somewhere crowded I can concentrate on playing on my games.  Currently I have 73 games and in about a month’s time I will have 74 because the new pokemon game Pokemon Y will be out and I preordered it from one of the shops in town.  I really love the pokemon games and any puzzle games that I can solve on my own without any help from my parents or anyone like that.  Couple of years ago Mum couldn’t decide what to get me for a Christmas present so I suggested to her a new gameboy to replace my old one which was getting broken and couple of games to go with my gameboy and so I decided to help Mum with the cost getting down my new gameboy so I traded over I don’t how many games but I brought down the cost so much that I actually got another game that Mum wasn’t going to pay for.  When I was about 14 I discovered pokemon and so I started printing them off the computer and started colouring them in their right colours because it was and is still good therpy for me because I have to stay in the lines and colour them in.  One day I was in a store looking at games for my gameboy when a shop assistant came up to me and said you are too old to be looking at gameboy games and I boycotted the store for at least couple of years because you are never too old to enjoy something that you love doing.  There is a store in town called EB games and I go in there about three times a week to just to have a look at the games that they have in there and they sell preowned games as well as new games too.  All the staff know me in there and they don’t mind me having a look.

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