Friday, 6 September 2013

My Week

I celebrate my life every single day because I know that my life would turn out very differently if I had the full syndrome.  This week I have been on my own because my parents are off in two different countries my Mum is in America doing route 66 with couple of their friends and their new car that they have just brought and being posting photos every single day on facebook and they are in Texas at the moment but tomorrow they will be in Santa Fe staying with my brother and sister in law for couple of days and we are going to try and skype each other while they are there.  My Dad is in Europe in Rome currently enjoying celebrating my younger sister’s birthday today and later they are going to board a yacht in Croatia for a week and we tried to skype on Sunday for Father’s Day but it kept on freezing but I did get to see my sister and my Dad twice for 5 seconds.  I have being going up every single day to feed Beanie and my YMCA boss that I work with that I have being working with for almost four years it was her last day today because she is moving to Australia to live and I am going to miss her because when I started working I would only stay with her down the stairs and do activities downstairs with her and the children but when we moved to my old primany school (long story) I had to step up and have more responsailty where we have the cirect set up and I now can say that I confidently I can show the cirect to the children without any help and supervise the children in the room.  I have come a long way since I first started working at the YMCA.  Also this week I found couple of families on one of the pages called Stop discrimination against special needs whose children have CDC and didn’t know anything about Cri Du Chat / 5p- Society on facebook so I told each of the Mums if they wanted to join let me know so I could introduce them to each of you.  Also this week on facebook I updated my Status to this For those who don't know I am going to the Cri Du Chat conference next year in America it is going to be held in San Antonio and I can't wait because I reach out to so many families and I love what I do because I give hope to so many families.


  1. You give false hopes! You shouldn't be talking down about others with the "full" syndrome and thinking less of them the way you do. If you think that you are not talking down about them then you need to learn how to write.

    1. Please go read her next blog. We at CDC are so proud of her!

  2. I think anonymous doesn't have any 5P- kids or they would understand the degrees of differences in all our kids. Rachel I like your Blog :)

  3. Shame on you anonymus! We all love your blog Rachel!

  4. Mr or mrs anonymous....I feel you should edit your brain before you open your mouth or put fingers to the keyboard. Rachel don't let anyone stop your blog or talk down to you Tiffany and I both love it. Mr or mrs anonymous I struggle to see a drama with a bit of HOPE
    When on somedays there seems to be very little. I have never once read or seen were Rachel has ever spoken down about anyone else with any varying degree of CDC, that's the beauty of these kids they just don't judge (that's common knowledge) keep up the good work Rachel.
    And by the way mr or mrs anonymous
    My name is Kelsey preece
    And I have a daughter with CDC