Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The trouble with facebook is

You don’t know what it like to be me.  You think that you do but you don’t you have no clue.  You think you understand but you don’t.  You think you know me but you don’t so stop trying too.  You don’t see me struggle every single day and if you did you would understand. 

I deleted a family member off facebook on Tuesday.  I am not going to say who it is because it is not who I am.  I didn’t like the way that my cousins and my brother and sister and I were been treated by this person, this person had tagged us in a photo without our permission and when I tried to defend my brother and sister and my cousins, this person didn’t listen to me at all.  I messaged him or her and told them that I was unfriending them and I gave my reasons why.  They turned around and told me that I was acting like a young child because it was over nothing.  It didn’t feel like nothing to me, it felt like I wasn’t being heard and it didn’t matter that my opinion didn’t count for anything.  This person needs to grow up and start acting their own age and they need to realise that we are adults not children and that we have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, parents and lives to get on with.  This person also needs to realise that their nieces and nephews are grown and can make their own choices in life and needs to stop tagging them in photos or sharing things that they don’t want to be shared with the person’s friends.   Yes we know that there is an election coming up and hopefully everyone is enrolled to vote apart from those who are travelling or live overseas.  I am not going to accept this person’s friend request until they have learnt to step back and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them.  This person needs to realise that people are allowed to unfriend them without them making a big deal about getting unfriended and no angry emails to the person who unfriended them.

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