Saturday, 10 August 2013


I don’t like it when someone is trying to help to do something when I know that I am more than capable of doing it myself.  On Tuesday mornings I go to a shop called Trade Aid and I work from 10-12 where I dust, I take my bosses banking down to the bank and I can now say good morning and how can I help you to a customer and slowly learnt how to use the till and served 8 customers on my own without any help from my boss or the other volunteer who works there.  My goal is to get up to ten customers all by myself and then my boss and I are going to set a new goal for me to work on because I am goal orientated and I get a new elephant.  I would have liked to get my new elephant on Tuesday but that wasn’t the case because the volunteer that I work with decided to hover over me while I worked serving customers at the counter.  I got so frustrated at her because she wouldn’t leave me alone to serve customers, she was two feet away at all times.  I know that I am a little bit slow working the till but I am getting a little bit faster each time that I do it.  I know how to ask for help if I need it.  My disability shouldn’t affect my ability to work or shouldn’t come into my work. 

My disability doesn’t come into affect at my job at the YMCA because I know what I am doing and if a little child comes up or stares  and asks about my bad leg I just answer honestly and just say yes I have bad leg you can balance better on the balance beam better than I can.  I love working at the YMCA because myself confidence has grown in me and the ability to teach young children about people with disabilities and there are different people with different abilities.  You have to look past the disability to see that they are just like you.  All I want to be is accepted at work.

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