Saturday, 3 August 2013

My thoughts

It is sometimes hard being trapped in the CDC world and in the normal world because there are some things that I can do and I know that a lot of other people with CDC can’t do.  A mum asked a question in one of the facebook groups this morning about what some of other the CDC children’s favourite toys and I quickly put down being me.  My laptop, my gameboy and my ipod but there is one other favourite toy that I do have and that is Bryan.  I know that he is not a toy, he is a human being.  Looking at my CDC brothers and sisters sometimes and realising that they are not going to experience the same things that I do but I know that they are loved.  I can live inpendently, have an amazing boyfriend, have two wonderful jobs and I can walk everywhere around town and on Friday my Dad is going to Euproe for six weeks and about three weeks later my Mum is going to USA for six weeks she is going to travel route 66 and go and see my brother and sister in law.  So there will be a crossover period of three weeks when my parents won’t be around but there will be people around if I need their help like Cricket (she is my boss at Trade Aid.) I will go in and annoy her every single day and there is Jenni (my second Mum/mum’s best friend) and then there is Bryan.  Plus I don’t have to walk up every single day to go and fed Mum’s cat.

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  1. Your not a kid! So why would you respond? Being Mosaic is NOT the same as having the syndrome fully.