Saturday, 22 June 2013

I am a voice for CDC

I know I haven’t written my blog for almost a month but I couldn’t write because of Crede thank you for all the messages on facebook it means the world to me and his ashes are in a box from Trade Aid at home on the mantel piece surrounded by my four big of my elephants and I talk to him to every single day. If I can change one parent’s point of view of CDC, I have done my job.  A lot of my CDC brothers and sisters are non verbal or have limited speech so they can’t say how CDC affects them or how it impacts their life.  I have been introducing myself to families over four years now and I have made friends in a lot of different countries and I love what I do because I am of the only few who can explain what CDC is and how it affects me as a person there is a song called “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham which really relates to me because I am one of the voices for CDC.  I reach out to a lot of new families once a week through facebook because they think they are alone in the world with a child of CDC.  New parents that I meet ask me all sorts of questions and I try to answer the best that I can and I have showed my video of to my speech if you haven’t seen it and would love to see it just contact me through facebook and I will give you my video to watch.   You won’t see it on my profile page because there are some things in my video that I didn’t want some people to say but I know where I have put it on facebook.  I am one of the admins for a group and a page because the other admins don’t always see if a person has posted and I love meeting new people and telling them what I CAN do not what I CAN’T do but I do some things that I can’t do in there too.  Because no one is perfect in this world.   Also I read a lot a passion that started when I was five and is going to carry on for the rest of my life as well.

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  1. Rock on Rachel. Be the voice of so many who cant speak. Lynda X