Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I lost one of my best friends last night and he couldn’t talk but he gave so much love to those who knew him.  For those who don’t know my six month old kitten was perpously hit by a ute last night about seven thirty as I was watching tv one of my favourite programmes shortland street.  Shortland street is a New Zealand tv show and Crede was outside for about five minutes before I heard a knock on the door and so I opened the door and a man standing there told me that Crede had being run over and so I went out onto the street with my cellphone and texted Mum and then Bryan to let them know what had happened.  It turns out this guy who saw the whole thing said that there were two men in a blue ute perposuly hit him.  Just twenty minutes before he was inside just purring away and lying beside me with his head in my lap.  

Crede was named after Cri Du Chat syndrome and he was the most beautiful kitten ever.  I got him for my 28th birthday and I wanted a kitten when I moved into my own home and so Bex (sister) and Mum surprised him with me.  They got him from the SPCA and he was so fluffy and tiny.  I called him my little man and my little boy and every where that I went Crede followed and if I got any of my chargers of my bedroom and into my living room along would come Crede and he would chase and play with them.  Couple of weeks ago I had put couple of things on the floor including my orange teddy that had my name on it.  Out of the bedroom comes Crede carrying my orange teddy by the head and takes it up onto the couch and starts playing with it.  He had another teddy of mine which he claimed that early on as well so someone tied some string around the teddy’s neck and Crede would pounce on it and claim it as his own too.

Crede was a climber he figured out to climb on my Christmas tree at Christmas and the screen door between my front door and the outside and the neighbours roof.  When I got home from town I would call him and he would coming running from the neighbours gardens and when I went to go and get fish and chips he would follow down the road and so I would pick him up and carry him all the way home and then close the garage door and then just leave him inside while I went and got my dinner. He would sleep on top of a mattress in my garage. 

Today I felt lost without him and I miss his company and I would do anything to get him back to play with him and allow him on my bench and have snuggles with him in bed before I get up and get ready for the day because he would purr and just have time between us.


  1. I am so sorry Rachel to hear about your kitten, such a loss for you lovie. your cre du chat family feel for you tonight. love to you xxx

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  3. Sorry for your lost Rachel, unfortunately some people dont like animals ... send you hugs from France