Saturday, 25 May 2013

My speech therapy

If I can change one life in a positive way then I have done a wonderful thing.  It is amazing to change someone’s life when I began reaching out to people I didn’t realise how many people’s lives I would touch.  I am just a girl from New Zealand who has a rare syndrome and a rare form of that syndrome.  There are only 1.5% of mosaics in the CDC population.  Parents who have very special children take a very different part to those who don’t have special children.  A lot of you know that I went to speech therapy when I was little to help me speak properly and I was still am tongue tied but I had an operation in fourth form to snip my tongue from the roof of my mouth so I could talk properly.  I went to speech and drama for a year so I could learn how to talk properly again and learnt the poem “Sir Smasham Uppe” and at the end of year school camp in fourth form I performed it as a skit with one of the naughtiest girls in my year and we came in third overall.  When I was in fifth form we had to write a short story for a competition that my English teacher was running for our class only and it could be about anything at all and I wrote my short story in like a day and I came in second and I got a big block of chocolate which I shared with one of my best friends Lea.

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