Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Hips

Couple of days ago I walked to a bookstore in town so I could put money on my phone so I could text my Mum so I could work out what I was doing that day.  Even before I got to the bookstore a man noticed my leg turn inwards and he shouted to me “Did you have an accident?”  I ignored him and carried onto the bookstore.  I wanted to turn around to him and tell him “No I was born this way and if you have a problem with the way that I walk take it up with my missing chromosome or otherwise mind your business.”

That was the second time in about three years that someone has noticed the way that I walk.  A few years back I was in a store looking at DVDs when an older man in a scooter asked me if I was pigeon toed and I told him no I was not and had a rare syndrome.  I dropped the DVD that I was looking at back on the shelf and quickly got out of the store.

My balance isn’t that good on uneven surfaces because I will fall down a lot and hurt myself so I don’t walk and text at the same time because I need to concentrate walking.
I know that I won’t even win an olympic running race because I can’t run fast but that is all right with me who needs an olympic gold medal for running anyway it is all right to be me.

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  1. Absolutely, it's alright indeed to be you...