Saturday, 15 September 2012

The word “Can’t”

The word can’t isn’t in my vocab apart from a few expectations like for example me skiing up to the age of 13.  I could ski but not very well but I gave it a go until my hip started hurting because in skiing you have to ski straight and my hip would always turn inwards so for the rest of that year whenever my family went up to the mountain I would have to come to and spend the day in the cafe drinking hot chocolates, listen to music and write or take up a book and sit there and read.  A parent would come and check on me once in a while.  Another example is that I can’t drive because my concentration sucks.  When I was growing up from early on I knew my strengths and weaknesses if I can’t do something I find away round it or do it my way.  I think staying positive has helped and last year I went on holiday with my Dad my sisters were fighting over a double bed and I turned around to my Dad and said I don’t care where I sleep just as I get a bed to sleep in.  It is because I am grateful that I don’t have the full syndrome and knew that if I had the full syndrome a lot of what I do now would have been turned into can’t not cans.


  1. Good for you Rachel. I know some think we're crazy because we were told all the things that Hudson wouldn't be able to do but we have just treated him as though he can and adapt what we do when he has trouble. We were told he wouldn't sit or stand but he is. We were told that he wouldn't be able to communicate but he does in his own way. You are an inspiration so keep up the great work. : )

  2. That is what my parents exactly did to me they treated me like normal and when I need a little bit of help they were there and when I couldn't do something we would try something else to make sure that I could do it myself. I am very proud of what I have achieved over the years because no one never told me no you can't do that because you have Cri Du Chat. I have goals that I want to achieve over the next few years like get married to my boyfriend. I can't have children because I am a carrier as well having Cri Du Chat. You and Jessica can both add me on facebook because I have friends all around the world with Cri Du Chat. Hudson will show you what he can do in his own time and his own little way.