Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Week

My week has been eventful because I was curious about a Cri Du Chat video online and the comments that people were making I made the mistake of replying to one of the comments and what I got back well let’s say I am glad to have Cri Du Chat and try and change the minds of those people who say that we need to be shot at birth. If anyone wants to read that conversion just send me a private message or just comment on my blog.
My Mum is still away but comes home on Thursday morning.  I have been walking up the hill each day to go and feed the cats, last week I did lock my keys inside of her house.  My keys to her house not my keys to her house without realising it at the time so I walked down to my second Mum’s work who is also my Mum’s best friend work and she sorted out the rest and I got my keys back. 
My Dad is also away this week in Fiji with my stepmum which is pretty awesome because I am parentless until my Mum returns and when she does I am going to tell her that Dad and her need to go away more often together but not together because I am really enjoying not having parents around and there are other people that can help me.
I have started writing my speech for those people who don’t know me I like to be organised and I have written three paragraphs all ready and there is plenty more for me to write.
A lot of people know that Bryan is sick at the moment I heard from him on Friday morning and he told me through text that he is starting to feel better which is great that means I don’t have to worry about him that much anymore and we did mention Skype on last Saturday night.  For those people who don’t know Bryan has a rare syndrome like I do but his is one in a million.  His syndrome/disease is called Beh├žet's.

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  1. Rachel, try not to take comments that people put to respond to something you've said personally. Unless they have to put their name on it, people can be heartless, cruel and amazingly rude. You are a remarkable young lady dealing with your syndrome and giving hope to those of us who have loved ones with the same syndrome. I enjoy reading your blog. And you are not alone in having locked your keys in someplace. God bless.

    Rick Ramsey