Sunday, 26 August 2012

New CDC Families

I am a strong, confidant, beautiful woman who has reached out to a lot of wonderful, gorgeous and some amazing families. When I started reaching out to families I didn’t realise that there would be s many different families who have children and adults with CDC.  I remember having my first conversion with a Mum who lived in America on Facebook and she was quite amazed the things that I could do so the word quickly began to spread about me and what hope I could give to other families.  By that stage I was living in a house with three other girls and starting to do things on my own without my Mum’s help.  I started then writing my intro about myself to new families that I would send friend requests too.  These families didn’t judge me on the way that I lived my life.  They accepted me for the way that I am and what I have.  I am so honoured to speak at the Gold Coast conference next year and I am going to make everyone proud of me because this is my chance to tell my story about living with CDC.  Like Hannah said I have a very unique insight to what it is like living with CDC.  This is my perfected intro about me to new families for the moment until something changes and I will atomically update it. 
Hi my name is Rachel and I have Cri Du Chat but I am a mosaic which means some of my cells are affected but not all of them about 30%. I live in New Zealand and I live independently away from my parents in a house of my own and I have a boyfriend of four years called Bryan and I am 27.

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  1. I am still amazed at all you do. You give a lot of hope and insight as to what the rest of us can work for. God go with you and I do hope Bryan will be ok.