Thursday, 16 August 2012

My life story part two

When I left school at the age of 19, I went to a training course for two years called training for you to study to become a teacher aide because I wanted to become a teacher but I didn’t have the marks to go into teacher’s college.  The reason why I did two years is because when I am learning something new I like to repeat things over and for the second year I had a writer for all of my tests and the second thing happened was I moved into my Mum’s because I didn’t like going backwards and forward to each house.  I saw one of my old tutors about a month ago up at the library and it was awesome to catch up with her and what she had been doing over the last few years.  When I left training for you I started working at my old high school as a teacher aide’s assistant for two years under a programme called mainstream which is a programme for disabled adults it is a supported employment programme where the government pays 100% of your wages for the first year and the second year the government pays 50% of your wages as well as your employer pays the rest and you are meant to get a job at the of the  end of the two years but my funding ran out.  In the September that year I started working for a family friend doing her filing and shredding every second Monday morning until at the end of last year.  Also in that September of that year I started going to Bryan’s work on Friday mornings because every second Monday I went to cooking until I gave it up early on this year.  Also when I was working at my old high school, my wallet got stolen by these two boys as I was walking home from school.  I had taught one of them in the learning centre for English by correspondence.  I like expressing myself through words because my body doesn’t connect very well with my brain and it’s just easier to write because my brain still works it’s just my body that won’t work.  Over the years I have learnt to skip on the trampoline, do a tapestry, learnt how to play knucklebones, shoot hoops on my Mum’s driveway, travelled to Australia twice by myself, learnt how to swim, went to Brownies and then Girl Guides where I became a group leader in my final year at Girl Guides, learnt how to ski but had to give it up when I was 13.  I know all my strengths and weaknesses.  I understand a lot more than what people realise and sometimes when I talk I know what I want to say but can’t get out the words that I want to say.

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