Monday, 2 July 2012


Houses mean a lot to different people, its somewhere dry, warm, a shelter from the rain.  It is also where families are raised.  I left home at the age of twenty four and ever looked back.  I moved out because my sister was leaving home and going to uni.  My brother left about five years earlier to study at the same uni as my sister.  I wasn’t ready to leave home when my brother did instead I ended up living with my Mum full time.  So when I moved out of home I moved in with my best friend from high school Kayla, (she needs full time care seven days a week.) another girl called Theresa and then Blue who lives out the back in her own flat.  Six months went by and Theresa moves out for all sorts of reasons.  So finally after nine months of Blue, Kayla and I, Kate moves in and things were going great until she broke my trust and our personalities clashed and still do.  So about a year of putting up with her rules and stuff, I wrote a letter to my parents explaining to them that I wasn’t happy living there.  He changed his mind in that weekend and he said that he would buy me a house so my stepmum, Dad and I began searching all over town and then we finally found a house for renting about three months later because Dad wanted to see if I could manage on my on my own for a trial period and I exceed that by six months and still going strong after being a year on my own.  About a month ago I saw on Trade Me (New Zealand’s website to sell things like eBay) a two bedroom, two bathroom and garage for sale so I emailed Bryan through facebook, sent him the link and he said go for it.  So I texted my Mum who liked it as well.  Then one Saturday evening Dad rang me on my cellphone because I was going to go and watch the rugby All Blacks vs Ireland.  I told Dad let’s go and drive past this house.  Dad really liked it and so on that Tuesday afternoon we went and had looked inside it.  The house and the location were just perfect and it was just what we were looking for.  So for almost a month I have known about the house and being keeping it secret because I wasn’t quite sure if we were going to get it because of the tender and it is not often I don’t share secrets.  Only a handful of people knew that I wanted to buy that house.  Thanks Dad for believing in me and I will enjoy my new home.  For me a house is a home where I can be independent as possible and have freedom away from my parents.  Who would have thought that one of my dreams has come true.  Now if I could the other dreams and goals in place then my life would be perfect.

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  1. Laura Castillo2 July 2012 at 14:09

    Rachel, this is so awesome and your family must be so proud of you. Congratulations!!! Such an inspiration to all of us!! Hugs & Kisses - Laura Castillo