Saturday, 30 June 2012


Most of my high school friends are starting to have families and on the odd occasion I get a little bit frustrated because I realise that I can’t have children because of CDC.  I got a little bit jealous a month or so back when one of my YMCA bosses took a home pregnancy test and I realised then I would never pee on a stick and watch it turned whatever colour it is meant to turn.  But then I realised today as I was watching Lucas play with his friends at his birthday party (he turned 6) and picking up two year old Noah and hearing Noah say mine to Lucas birthday cake that I can still have fun around children and I don’t need to be a Mum to do it. I think that is I love working at the YMCA because for two mornings a week I am a role model and young children don’t ask me questions like why are you different?  What is wrong with your hip? Or why do you talk so differently?  I couldn’t bring a child into this world knowing the full effects of the syndrome.   I think the parents who do are pretty awesome with their hard work, dedication and knowing that their children are going to take a little time to reach their goals and full potential including my Mum and Dad (Rob and Andrea also).  I don’t say this very often to them thank you for being there when I need you guys and thank you for helping me live independently and I love you!!!

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