Tuesday, 19 June 2012

10 Things that people don’t know about me

1.       I don’t like being touch by people that I don’t know.
2.       I know all the words to American Pie by Don McLean
3.       I know all the states of USA even though I don’t live in the USA.
4.       I am proud of my brother and sister in whatever they do in life and I love them to the moon and back!!!!
5.       I love anything to do with Vampires and the supernatural.  It all started with Charmed and then I read Harry Potter and then Vampire Academy, I am currently reading the True Blood series in books.  True Blood and the Vampire Diaries and Charmed are three of my favourite tv shows.
6.       A lot of people don’t realise that I am intelligent even though I have a slight intellectual disability.
7.       My favourite animal is the elephant.  I am starting to collect elephants. I have 9 elephants in my collection so far.
8.       I will beat my Dad at scrabble on Wednesday night (20th of June).  Scrabble is one of my favourite board games of all time.
9.       I reach out to new families who have CDC and I try to help them by telling my story and I met my first person with CDC when I was fifteen her name is Hanne and she lives in Australia
10.   I wrote this quote on my cellphone first of all when I was meant to be working the idea came into my head.  I am a daughter, sister, person living with a disability, an aunt, a friend, a granddaughter, a niece, an inspiration, a role model, an adult, I am a cook and a member of society, a cousin, and a light in this world, I am all of these things and so much more.  I have CRI DU CHAT SYNDROME!!!

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  1. Rachel, you are a remarkable young lady and an inspiration to all of us!!! Thank you for providing us support and telling your story. Hugs and Kisses -- Laura Castillo