Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I love to walk in the sun, rain, wind and in other weather.  So on Sunday night I download a pedometer onto my IPod to measure how many steps it takes me to walk around town and do what I needed to do.  Each Monday I go grocery shopping and so I thought I would test out my pedometer and I checked it several times throughout my walk and when I got home I had discovered that I had walked over 4737 steps.  I know wow that’s a lot of steps and the distance that I covered was 3.382 KMS.  I do a lot of walking during the day like for e.g. I walked up to my Mum’s to feed her cats because she was away and I get paid to do a five minute job.  It takes a lot longer than five minutes when you are walking everywhere.  On Saturday afternoon I went up to feed the cats Muffin and Beannie and didn’t actually get home for 2 hours and a half.  The only thing I don’t like about walking is, walking in the dark.  Every Friday night I go and get KFC and it is winter over here in New Zealand and I try to set off about 5pm before it really gets dark.  Sometimes I get a ride home if I am having dinner with someone that I know.  I know people are a little concerned about my walking with my IPod on and my hoodie up but I am very aware of my
surroundings and I don’t like uneven surfaces because it is the way that I walk,  I walk with a limp because of my displaced hips I even can’t run.  One year we went camping and one of my Mum’s friends said that was a short walk to a waterfall about half an hour walk up a little track.  It took like me two hours to walk up that track with one of my cousins, my Mum, my stepdad and my Pop while all of my cousins raced up and I got left behind because the track was uneven and I didn’t even complain once and when I got to the waterfall I sat down on a rock and read my book because it was slippery for me to get into the water. 
For all those who are concerned about me walking with my headphones and hoodie up and seeing cars.  I take down my hood and my headphones out to hear the traffic and see the traffic especially if it is a busy morning.  Walking gives me independence and freedom in a way that most people like to drive.

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  1. Uncle Christopher12 June 2012 at 03:38

    You are true to your last name - all of your relatives are strong walkers... AWSOME stuff. And it does give you independence...