Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cri Du Chat Awareness Week.

You all have heard it the high pitch cry of a cat but it isn’t a cat.  It is a newborn baby crying who has just been diagnosed with Cri Du Chat or Cry of the Cat and you are feeling scared and you feel like are the only one out there facing uncertain future alone.  You don’t know where to turn to so you begin your search on the internet searching through every website with Cri Du Chat in the title and you stumble across some out dated piece of information and then you start to panic about the future for you and your child.

It has happened to a lot of parents that I know of and I have talked to hundreds of parents over the years.  This is why we need a week to inform the public, doctors, nurses, teachers and the list goes on, that the information that the doctors and nurses give new parents is out to date.  Cri Du Chat is one of the most common deletion syndromes but yet we are so rare because the doctors don’t know a lot about Cri Du Chat so we become experts and try and teach the world about our amazing children and everything that they CAN do and not what they can’t do.

For this awareness week a parent suggested that we all wear stripy socks one long and one short to represent the deletion from chromosome 5 should be and overall the support has been just amazing from all around the world. On Facebook I have been finding 7 quotes one for each day of the week and I am up to day 5 and I have had over 200 people like my statuses so far.  They maybe the same people who like my statuses each time that I post one.  I believe in my CDC brothers and sisters and what they can achieve.

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