Monday, 24 March 2014

13.1 part 2

I am missing 13.1 of my 5P arm.  To most people the number 13 is unluckily but to me it is luckily because I don’t have my cells all affected with 13.1 deletion.  Even though some of my cells have the wonky chromosome I still have Cri Du Chat and that is never going to change even though some of my good cells will eventually replace some of my bad cells throughout my body.  I have my interests like collecting elephants and collecting Pokemon on my gameboy (I have several Pokemon games) and I also read a lot.  The reason why I love collecting elephants is because they are luckily in some cultures and elephants are my favourite animals and because they represent wisdom, courage and strength which I show in my everyday life.  I may not be intelligent to go to university but I show intelligence in other ways and sometimes I think I am wise beyond my years when I come up with my quotes and sometimes I don’t know how I come up with my quotes.  I show courage in everyday life by getting up each morning and facing the day not knowing what the outcome of the day might bring.  I show strength by helping other families who children have Cri Du Chat and for people to believe in me in what I am doing.   I know that 13.1 is just a number and it isn’t going to stop me from living my life and marrying the man of my dreams.

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