Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The "R" word

The “R” word is hurtful and we don’t need to use it in modern society.  Some people think they can use it without thinking about the consequences what they are saying.  When people use that word it hurts more people than they realise.  The “R” word is an old fashioned word meaning slow, dumb and some other nasty horrible words that we don’t need in society today and there are better words than the “R” word like another “R” word called respect.  I respect my CDC brothers and sisters because they struggle in everyday life but they never give up even through the tough times like that they can’t do something and then with heaps of practice they finally achieve their goals in their own time.  Another acceptable term when describing someone with a disability is intellectual disability it is more accepted than the “R” word.  I have been called the “R” word when I was little by other children and it felt wrong and made me feel sad that I was different from everyone else but now I can see why I am different and I am trying to change the world and make it better for my CDC brothers and sisters so that they can follow in my footsteps and leave an imprint on the world forever.  In conclusion the “R” word isn’t accepted in society anymore so why use the “R” word when they are plenty of other good words out there to describe someone who has a disability and maybe who is a little different from you.

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