Thursday, 13 February 2014


What is your superpower?  My superpower is helping families to understand what it is like living day to day with CDC.  I give hope where it is needed most.  Even though sometimes I need hope too in my life.  My name would be CDC girl and two of my superhero powers would be.  The first one would have to be flying because I would be able to fly all around the world helping families who have a child with CDC in person and give them hope and encouragement that they aren’t alone because I am a friend for life.  My second superpower would be to become invisible like snap my fingers and become invisible and then reappear with a single clap of my hands because I could go and visit people when I want to without anyone noticing where I am.  That would be couple of my superpowers.  Most of you would have seen my latest quotes on facebook as my statuses or in the groups that I belong too.  I am going to try and come up with different quotes each week and then when it is international CDC week I am going to post them in my blog as a blog and the seven that I like I am going to post one each as my status because it is important to me and a lot of you like what I write for my quotes as my statuses.  I am very proud of my quotes and I like sharing them with the whole CDC community, my friends and my family. 

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