Tuesday, 14 May 2013


The other morning I logged onto facebook as usual but when I did I got a message from facebook saying that I was sending to many friend requests and if I knew all of my friends in real life.  I clicked no and if I send any more friend requests I would get blocked from facebook.  My first thought was I am going to lose all of my friends that I have made through all the CDC facebook groups.  My second thought was to write to facebook management and explain the situation to them and why they shouldn’t care how much number of friends I have.  I love facebook because it gives me the freedom to talk to parents and grandparents and other family members with CDC children.  I have made so many lifelong friends through facebook and without facebook I would be lost because I have learnt so much through so many wonderful families and they have learnt things from me too and with only nine other families living in New Zealand with CDC the world doesn’t seem so far away.  I feel that I can reach out to many more families and share my story and I have started showing my video of my speech to new families that I have contact with over the last six weeks because I wanted to show them what a person with CDC could become within their own abilities. I am not changing my profile picture because I give CDC a voice every single day.   In conclusion I am going to keep on sending friend requests because facebook should understand what I am doing trying to change the world of CDC parents.

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