Wednesday, 8 May 2013

CDC week

I give CDC a voice every single day of the year.  I reach out to a lot of families through facebook and tonight I reached over 1000 friends which is a lot of friends to keep track of but I love what I do because I am helping so many wonderful families to educate them about CDC and what it means living with CDC.  A lot of people with my syndrome can’t tell their parents what it is like having CDC but they are still smart like in their own way.  It is international Cri Du Chat week this week and it is amazing that the video has gotten so many views all ready in you tube.  I love awareness week because it brings people together and makes them aware of CDC.  It has being 50 years since it was discovered by Dr. Jerome Lejeune and we should celebrate the theme for this week is I CAN.  On Tuesday morning I went to Trade Aid and almost served my fifth customer all by myself (my goal is to reach ten.)  Then build on that by increasing it to twenty and so forth.  I was reading brown paper bags as I putting a bookmark in each of the bags and the bags read I made a difference and I was telling my boss on Tuesday morning that I make a difference every single day because I reach out and help people to understand CDC and I am so grateful for giving a voice to my CDC brothers and sisters and for those families who let me be me and accepted me for me.  I do some amazing hard work on facebook because I don’t want families to be alone. I love my CDC family!!!!!


  1. Rachel,
    I never thought I would have a friend halfway around the world who would be half as amazing as you. I'm the step-mother to a very precious 11 year-old CDC boy who cannot speak for himself. You are an amazing young woman who speaks for him and for everyone who needs a voice. Thank you for being such a wonderful, beautiful, giving person. I hope to meet you some day.

  2. Hi Karen thank you for your comment and I love what I do it is one of my passions in life and I have an amazing life with a wonderful boyfriend of five years, he lives down the road from me. I love all of my CDC brothers and sisters with my heart and I would do anything for them.