Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My World

My world is full of colour at the moment because it is spring I love this time of year because the sun is shining and the insects are starting to come out and the flowers.  Last week I started back at Boogie Buddies after a three week break and we are in a different location now at my old primary school.  The YMCA brought the whole school.  I walk down there and it takes me half an hour to walk. It is really wired been back at school because it has changed and some things have remained the same.  Also this week my brother David has been down from Auckland for a final visit before him and his wife Toni are going to New Mexico to live Santa Fe/Los Alamos for the next two in a half years, they are leaving end of November.  My sister Bex is also going overseas to London Ontario to study for three months and then going to tour around the USA with her boyfriend and Europe with my Dad, stepmum and stepsister.

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