Saturday, 14 July 2012

My CDC family

Currently I have 786 friends on facebook which are a lot of friends.   Most of them I don’t hardly get to see  because they live on the other side of the world.  They are my CDC family and we support each other through the tough times and good times.  I love my CDC family and I wanted to show how much I love my CDC brothers and sisters I am making a collage of photos for my house and under each one of those phones I am going to write their names and what country they come from.  I wanted to make a collage because I know most of them won’t leave home and this is one way of them leaving home and this way every time a visitor walks into my living room and asks what are these photos are.  I can turn around and say these are my CDC brothers and sisters and they live all around the world and that way I can spread awareness through out the community.  I love my CDC family to pieces,  sometimes I wish there was an Island that all our families could live on and see each other every single day.  If anyone in the CDC community is reading this and would like to join that who hasn’t expressed an interest in this send me a message through facebook and I will include your child/adult and then send you my email address so you can send me your pictures.

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