Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love part 2

As Christmas, my birthday and my anniversary of when Bryan and I first hug approaches.  I realise that I am lucky and I am grateful for everything that I have and that is why I love giving back to Cri Du Chat families.  Almost five years ago on the 18th December I went to a Christmas party that changed my life in a good way forever.  That’s where Bryan and I’s first hug took place and I can’t believe it is being five years all ready.  He came into my life when I need him the most.  He was the first person that I told that I was moving out of home apart from Mum who was really the first.  We have survived four break ups and gotten back together after each one.  For those families who are new and don’t know the story of our relationship, I will tell you the short version because the long version is really boring and long.  Bryan works at a place for young adults who have disabilities where they do life skills, socialise and do fun activates during the week, computer skills also.  I went one Friday morning because I had lost my job at Cullinane one of the high schools in Wanganui (my hometown) and on Monday evenings I took their cooking classes.  I walked in on the Friday morning not looking for love but love found me, I noticed a cute looking guy in the computer room and I said to myself he is good looking but not to my knowledge or later on he thought I was beautiful looking and asked one of his bosses questions about me and he turned around and said to Bryan that I was coming on Friday so he could ask me questions himself.  I can’t actually remember what happened that Friday but I think both of us started flirting with each other. This continued over the next few months.  On my birthday that same year I was walking down to Sommerville and came across him walking to Sommerville and I told him that it was my birthday and he said happy birthday and when we got to Sommerville another one of their clients turned around to us and said you are dating and we both looked at each other and said no.  On the 18th December Mum dropped me off to the Christmas Party and found myself flirting once again with Bryan and ended up having a really awesome time, I don’t usually do so well at parties or social gatherings because of my sensory overdrive.  Towards the end of the night Bryan and I hugged and he quietly whispered in my ear “I know that you don’t want me to go sweetie but I have too.”  I really then knew that it felt right hugging him and ever since then.  It was about eleven months after the Christmas party and several months after our first break up before we had our first kiss, Bryan had come over to Kayla’s (best friend as well as old flatmate) to look at something on my computer and none of my flatmates were home and we were in my bedroom and we both leant over and kissed.  It felt wonderful and magical at the same time.  This time last year if you told me that I was going to quit Sommerville in May of this year I would have laughed off the suggestion because I don’t like changes in my routine but I knew something had to change and I was the only person who could make that change because I couldn’t ask him to do it so an opportunity came up in May to work two mornings a week at the YMCA and so I took it because I knew that I couldn’t do it anymore have a relationship with everyone watching and retain a relationship in that environment so I took the biggest risk and it paid off big time.  I know that I don’t get to see him each Friday morning but that is all right because we Skype, Facebook and text each other and we have date night once a month I know that sounds like a little at the moment but it is the best that we can do at the moment and he lives down the road from me.  He came around on Friday night after dinner and spent two hours at my house just hanging out and both of us are glad that each other in one another lives.  He makes me happy.

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  1. Hello, I’m back and so behind on reading but I really like your blog, and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please check my post at http://lifesunexpectedblessings.org/2013/01/17/liebster-blog-award/