Thursday, 24 May 2012


I love to read and write.  These two things I have grown up with.  After I was diagnosed with CDC.  I began speech therapy but it was mainly that I first started school that I began to read and it helped my speech as well.  I remember reading shop signs at the age of five.  When my family moved to our current town Wanganui when I was 7 and grew up here.  The town library has played a major role in my childhood.  I remember getting all excited when Mum or Dad took us to the library.  I was only allowed to get out 7 books that was my limit.  I started reading the babysitter club books when I was 8/9 and that continued over the next few years.  Then from there it was Nancy Drew, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings books, Tomorrow when the war began books, Harry Potter, Cross Stitch books, James Patterson books, Vampire Academy series and Fifty shades of Grey series and so many other books.  Most of my lunchtimes at school would be spent at the school library I became a school librarian in Form 1 at the age of twelve until I left high school.  Even for two years at school did work experience working at the town public library.  My favourite shops are bookshops and we have two main ones.  Whitcoulls it’s a bookshop their staff know me quite well in there and say hi and know me by name.  I love to express myself through my writing when I was growing up I used to write novels and poetry.   I still occasionally write but I have had writer’s block over the last little while but I think my writing has improved over the years.  It takes me ages to write because it is all about the concentration and what I am trying to say.  At school when my exams came along I used to have a writer because I am slow at writing and all the other students would be a lot faster than I would be.  I type a lot of the time because it is easier for me and it is a lot quicker but I still practice writing during the day or whenever I have something to say.  I always carry around with me a notebook and a pen.  Sometimes on a Wednesday night at Dad’s, Dad and I play scrabble because it builds a lot on my vocab and it gives me a chance to do something with my Dad.  He gives me a handicap system, he gives me a hundred points head start because my spelling sucks and I have CDC but every time I win a game it goes down by ten points and every time I lose it goes up 10 points.  In conculsion this blog is for anyone who wants to know a little bit about my world.!/

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  1. Awsome Rachel!! Love you lots! Neat to read about your strategies for coping with CDC.